Te Ako Wools

We are pleased to advise the establishment of Te Ako Wools, a training provider 100% owned and operated by the NZ Shearing Contractors Association.  Te Ako Wools has been contracted to recruit, deliver and assess training for the wool industry by Primary ITO.  This new venture was formed through renewed collaboration between Primary ITO, Wool Harvesting Industry Partnership Group and the NZ Shearing Contractors Association.


Te Ako Wools is well underway.  Their team is in the field delivering training with a schedule of courses for both the South and North Islands in place until Christmas 2016.


During 2017 we are collectively continuing our drive to meet and engage with those who will benefit from training and/or assessing towards National Qualifications.  Te Ako Wools will continue to lead this challenge.  We anticipate in some areas, on some occasions, additional AgExcel endorsed Wools trainers/assessors may be required to meet demand. 


If AgExcel endorsed Trainers/Assessors for Wools endorsement has expired or is due to expire and you wish to be re-endorsed in the future please reapply electronically here:


Apply to be a Wools Trainer/Assessor


Please be aware that there is a charge for AgExcel endorsement and an extensive evaluation of applicants is expected.  Further information can be found here:


Procedure for Awarding AgExcel Endorsement


We thank trainers and assessors for their commitment to industry training throughout their endorsement period to date and wish them all the best with their engagement with the wools sector.

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